The IHR embarked on drug abuse research in 1975. The early studies began to attract the interests of international agencies and received supports from international funding in 1977. The research programme had since then expanded rapidly. Recognizing the need for long continuation and also the necessity to broaden the scope, the Drug Dependence Research Center was created in 1981 as a division in the IHR to carry on the execution and collaboration of drug abuse research. Almost simultaneously with the establishment of the Division, the WHO had recognized the merit of the Division's output and designated the Center as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Drug Dependence in 1981.
1. - to execute research and develop new knowledge and technology related to drug abuse. 
2. - to distribute information and research findings to government and private agencies responsible for planning and implementation of the drug abuse intervention programmes. 
3. -  to distribute correct and appropriate knowlodge on drug abuse problems and intervention strategy to the public. 
4. - to develop manpower resources for drug abuse intervention. 
5. -  to collaborate with the WHO. other international agencies and related working bodies in drug abuse research and intervention.

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